Video Voyage : the images are fascinating and captivating, coming to you through the beauty of nature of Africa and the acting performance this video takes you on a journey… We don’t know the day, nor the hour when our creator will return. Life and death are a certainty, but so is our hope on a better life. Let’s effort for our salvation to gain eternal life.
The Concert of the “Connexion d’Or” was a huge success with unforgettable moments for all those who came from all over the country to share in these amazing moments together. Here are some pictures for those that like to get a taste of the evening. Soon the videos will be available to satisfy all your desires.
It can overwhelm us. The feeling of being disconnected. We all recognize it. Being disconnected with others. Being disconnected with ourselves. But even on a deeper level. The disconnection with our creator. That is why Jesus came into the world. To restore this connection. This album sings of the restoration of this connection. The beauty that occurs when the relationship with the Lord God is restored. A new journey begins, restoration, healing, joy and happiness. A journey with an everlasting connection.